Certificate problem

Mam I have submitted my project on 31 August…my internship certificate is not issue…please provide my certificate mam…???

Can u please tell when r u provide certificate

Please reply :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive: mam

My mail is vaddenavya36@gmail.com
Please tell if any problem e changes want to be there???else when r u provide certificate tell plss

Hi @vaddenavya36,
We have shared some feedback over mail. Please check it and reply to that email with the required changes.

Sir I have submitted my project as your refer changes…please check once sir as soon as possible

@vaddenavya36 I have replied with some more feedback.

Ss i understand what u say…i submitted as u say …code files and video also uploaded

Sir I uploaded my project yesterday night…please look up that sir plss

I have submitted my project yesterday…with images also …pls look into that sir .pls sir

@vaddenavya36 I have again shared some feedback, please have a look.

Sir y ur doing this much of time changes…it’s so difficulty to look up for many time changes…even my frnds got certificate also …but y ur giving this much of tension for me

@raghav.srivastava sir I have submitted my project but I have not yet received my certificate I have to submit it in college by today

Hi , i am unable to submit my project ,can you share with me how do you submitted your project, and please give link where you submitted your project

You can use this link.