Certificate problems

@pranav.kundaikar1 Sir i have submitted my project but i didn’t received certificate i have to submit it in my college by 3rd September so please send my certificate sir

Sir please respond i have to submit it by tomorrow

your video review is fine now, but project is not.
as discussed on mail, please upload all the assets along with the code explanation video on google drive and share the public link. Please reply to the mail with the link and let me know. We will process the certificate by tomorrow 6:00PM if everything is good to go .

@raghav.srivastava sir i have submitted please check it once i have to submit it in my college by today

@geethanjalinalla58 Apologies for the delayed response. Please check the latest email, you are having trouble getting the format of the submission. I have shared a sample zip folder with you.

Also, you are switching the project to photo gallery now, please stick to inventrom website only as everything was okay except for the fact that the images were to be added and the format to be correct.