Course completion, Certificate, Internship

Hi there, peeps from Bolt IOT ,
So ive just completed the HTML, CSS and JavaScript part of my web dev, training . as react course is not fully live right now, it asks me to give the certificate test right now. so im confused that should I take the test now or wait till august for the completion of program. and ive read somewhere that the opportunity for the assured internship is provided just after the test. so I’m confused here , what to do? would be great if someone can guide me here.


@kumarsamarth2021 You can answer the certification test now. The React content is not part of the test and will not be part of the test until all of it is live.

after the test , will I be given the internship opportunities and if yes , how may I be able to do it before the completion of course?? @ashwin.salgaocar

@kumarsamarth2021 You can answer the test and start your internship. You can then come visit the training and complete the remaining content once it is live.

Hi there, I’m Ali Ayesh Pervez… My question is can you mention from 6 weeks or 8 weeks in the given web development certificate… Because my college wants to see the duration

Hi @pervezali6295,

I am checking these details from @ashwin.salgaocar and will let you know by tomorrow EOD.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

@pervezali6295 The duration will be mentioned as 6 weeks on the internship certificate.

Sir i am in BCA second year and i have query that after completing my certificate and my third year completion of degree after that can i apply for this internship?

Hi @dhuriyaabhishek7,
You may apply for the internship whenever you want. Do let me know if you need any other help.