Error in Ajax javascript

I run this code multiple times but not getting any output. I also matched the code with code in video but still not getting my output. I am attaching a screenshot of my code.

Hi @mayank.sharma,

There is a typo error in the update user function. The correct syntax would be


Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

No this is also not working. I am not getting my output

When I get my answer please respond

Hi @mayank.sharma,

Please share your updated code (copy paste the code instead of sharing the screenshot of the code ) and also check for any error/warning message in console.

I have made all the changes still no output

Hi @Nidhi26Singh08 ,
Please remove this.readyState == 4 on line 21, and see if it works.

Still not working

@Nidhi26Singh08 Please also remove && on the same line.

I have done that also but still not working

@Nidhi26Singh08 on line 20, change
function() to ()=>

Let me know if it works.