I had sent my project but no reply

I had sent my project but there is no reply

Hi @kevinjojo,
Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Did you submit your project for the assured internship? Kindly share your email id.

Hi, I also submitted the project for the assured internship. My email is anubhav.appakrs2005@gmail.com

Hi @anubhav.appakrs2005 ,
We have received your submission. In most cases(depending on the number of submissions we have), it takes up to a week from the date of submission for you to get the internship certificate.

Do let me know if you need any other help.

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@kevinjojo apologies for the delay. We’ll get back to you by Monday.

I submitted my project soo many days back .But still no reply.

My email is 209x1a0548@gprec.ac.in

@209x1a0548 I am not able to find your submissions,

Kindly submit the following forms (again if already submitted):

Send an email to support@boltiot.com and let me know once done.

Sir ,I have sent my project again.But no reply.Its almost a month now.Hope you solve the issue.

Good evening sir, I submitted my internship project named sliding photo gallery on Webdevelopment in September. It’s been more than 15 days that I submitted the project. But still I didn’t get any certificate. Kindly I request you to solve the issue.
Thank you.
email : 209X1A0520@gprec.ac.in

Hello, Kindly update the link of your product review. Your link is not working. Kindly refer to the mail sent to you regarding the feedback of the project.

Your project is approved and you must have received the certificate.