Issues with Expense Tracker

I am having some issues with my expense tracker project. Whenever I click on ‘Add Expense’ or ‘Add Category’ button, nothing happens. I have also viewed previous answers to a similar query but didn’t find any solution as such. I am attaching my files here. Kindly have a look at it.

Thank You!

Hi @f20200385 ,
We have solved a similar issue here. Check it out and let me know if you still face any problems.

Thank you for the reply. I did check the previously solved similar issue, made a bit of minor changes according to the same, but it didn’t work out. Also I did not find any major differences between my code and the one you have solved before, so I am finding it a bit difficult to figure out what the problem exactly is. Please do help me sort it out.

@f20200385 please make the following changes in your js code:

 var amount = document.getElementsByClassName("form-input")[0].value;//made change, wrong index
  var date = document.getElementsByClassName("form-input")[2].value;//made change, wrong index
  var note = document.getElementsByClassName("form-input")[1].value;//made change, wrong index
  var category = document.getElementById("category").selectedIndex;//made change, wrong element was selected, new category instead of category

Let me know if it doesn’t work

Yea. Actually I had used double equal to signs (==) instead of using a single one (=) at some of the places. The issue is resolved perfectly.
Thanks a lot for helping me out!

@f20200385 Anytime. We are always here to help. Do let me know if you need any other help.