No response from the Bolt IoT team after last conversation

Back in May I had purchased a Web Development program which contained a Training + Assured Internship package along with it. After completing the training, I was given a set of tasks to complete for the live internship offered by bolt. I completed those tasks as stated and submitted my project to I had also put in a request to mention a 2 month duration from May to July in my certification, to which Mr. Ravi Ujjwal asked me proof of this rule. I submitted the proof, to which Mr. Ashwin Salgaocar replied that

“We will not be able to change the duration of the Assured internship as it is fixed. All assured internships will have a fixed duration of 6 Weeks however since you have already taken the training as well with a duration of 2 months. You can proceed with a training and internship certificate for a combined duration of 2 months + 6 weeks.”

This was acceptable by me as long as the combined certificate mentioned 2 months of training followed by 6 weeks of internship. Around 2 weeks, I sent a mail requesting the update of my project and mentioning the dates May to July in the certification, and there was no reply. I waited for a few more days then sent a follow-up and still there was no reply.

Yesterday, I again wrote a mail asking the same, and stating since my college is due to open in a few days, I would require to show my proof of work. I also wrote that last 2 mails have been completely ignored and I would really appreciate a response. Since then there has been no response as such.

I really don’t know where else to go next, hence I came here. Hope I can get some response in this forum.

My only request in additional to this would be to please mention the specific dates of the Training and Internship:

For Training: I completed it on May 25th so considering that the 2 month program also includes 6 weeks internship that leaves 2 weeks for training hence the dates: May 11th to May 25th.

For Internship: Since I submitted on July 7th, a duration of 6 weeks would imply May 26th to July 7th

Hope this isn’t much to ask. Just stating facts here. Since my College requires exact duration with dates as proof I would really appreciate stating the same on my both training and internship certification.
Appreciate your time. Thank You!

Hi @somadisingh13,
Apologies for the inconvenience caused. I have taken this to the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Raghav Srivastava

Hi @somadisingh13 ,
Have you emailed us any proof from your college that the aforementioned changes are required?

We have a standard template that we share with all students. A change in the certificate template is only done if the student submits proof from the university(such as screenshots of the requirements or an email from the professor). Once they submit it, then only will we be able to make the changes in the certificate template.

Hey Raghav,
I have mailed your team the proof. I’ll attach the mail asking for the same and my reply below.!
Mail to HOD

@somadisingh13 I believe you must have already received the certificate by now. Let me know if it is good to go.