React.js code not giving output

In the splitting our components chapter the final output shown in the lecture is giving an error in my code.
I’ve tried to find the error but unable to find any.
Please help me regarding this issue.

I will give the access of this link of the src folder asap

Hi @khandwawalaaliasgar9,
I have requested access to the file. Please grant the access.

Shared it to you. Please check for the same

Is my issue solved?
This error is still there in my code and I am unable to go further because of it.
Please rectify my mistakes in the code if any and let me know as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Hi @khandwawalaaliasgar9,
We are looking into it. Please give us some time. I have taken this query to @ashwin.salgaocar. He will reply to you soon.

Gaunisha Gaanavi G

Ok no issues. I’ll continue for now and will wait for your reply

@khandwawalaaliasgar9 Waiting for you to share access to the code files. Will try to replicate the issue and point out the fix.

@khandwawalaaliasgar9 I noticed that the elements in the return statement in the Products.js file were not enclosed in parenthesis() due to which it concludes that the Products component isn’t returning anything. Please add it to them as follows and check if the error persists(line 5 and 31 in the screenshot):

Just Checked and it works now!
Thank you so much for helping me in this issue.