Setting up environmental development

Sir, I am getting trouble in creating react-app please help me figure out.
At first by mistake I have downloaded nodejs and I uninstall it again.
Well my main problem is when I type “typescript” on the search bar I cannot see the option in the list please help me with this issue asap sir.

I don’t have any files inside the React folder.
please see what is appearing when I typed “typescript”.

Hi @kbmark00,
I have taken your query to @ashwin.salgaocar. He will reply to you soon.

Let me know in case you need any other help.

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@kbmark00 You can select the syntax as TypeScriptReact and proceed. That is more relevant to the content.

Also, to see the files in the React Folder, you need to run the command: npx create-react-app

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Thanks a lot Sir My Problem has been resolved