Sir I am not excess this video's

Sir I am not excess this video training
Sir plz solve this problem

Hi @chaudharyprateek97,
Are you accessing your training using a public/college Internet connection? In that case, it may be the case that the network administrators have blocked some streaming services. Do inform your college IT admin regarding this. Until then, I would request you access your training using Mobile Data or another alternative network.

Sir in this I faced issue regarding this pblm … so I requested to refund
But I’ll cancel this request of refund
The pblm are solve
So what should I do
I continue my training

Hi @chaudharyprateek97 ,
I shall ask the team to cancel your request for refund. You may continue with the training.

Sir I am not excess training

Hi @chaudharyprateek97 ,
I have taken this to the team and we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible.

Hi @chaudharyprateek97 ,
Your order was canceled and refund was transferred to your account immediately. We are checking with the team if we can provide you with the same offer again.

Yes sir I take this offer for this price only

Hi @chaudharyprateek97 ,
Our team has already sent the offer link to you on Whatsapp.