This is a topic under React. javascript -setting up your development environment.
But the option TypeScriptReact is not coming , i have attached a screenshot of the problem .Please someone help me out .

@2005992, You will have to close down sublime once after installing the Package control and typescript too. And then reopen it. If you done that and still facing then you can restart your system as well for the changes to take effect.

i have done as you suggested, but it’s still not coming. Any further suggestion would be helpful

Not an issue @2005992. This may be os specific, will have to check that by replicating it on our end. In the meantime, I see that you were able to select it at the bottom right corner, where I see it to be TypeScriptReact instead of Plain Text. So until this permanent fix is not found, you can manually change it in the bottom right corner every time and proceed.

Okay Thank You for the help.