Web Development Training not able to access

I have registered for the training " Web Development Training", but same training I am not able to access it.

Please help me to access the training

Hi @bitechguru,
Please visit this link to find your training access code. You’ll also find a video on that page that will explain how to proceed further. Do let me know if you are still facing any issues or need any help.

Still I am not able to access the training and getting below error. Please resolve this ASAP

There are no orders purchased via the email ID of this cloud account that is ‘bitechguru@gmail.com’.

Hi @bitechguru,
I have taken this to the team and they will fix the issue as soon as possible.

@bitechguru the reason the code wasn’t working is because, you had purchased the training by submitting the wrong email id: bitechguru@gmai.com, and the code was assigned to it.

I have reassigned it to the correct email id now. Which is bitechguru@gmail.com. You should receive an email with the steps to access the training. Do follow the steps to access the training.