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Not able to Use Control packages for react.js and can’t use node.js in Sublime text editor

@wadkarraju197 Can you please share screenshots explaining the issue? I’ll be needing more information than what you have provided. What is the error you see?

The vedios are not availabel for me and I am not able to see the folders which are provided by your team in the screen shot of the training

@wadkarraju197 I am not asking for screenshots of any videos. I am merely asking for the screenshots of the error you see while you do the steps mentioned in the text content.

If you say, you are not able to use Package Control for React + node.js, can point out the steps you did that gave you the error? I need you to elaborate on it so that we can pinpoint the error.

Which screenshots do you want specifically and can you add the vedios for my training

@wadkarraju197 The React content will be present as text content only.

Could you elaborate on your query please? You say are not able to use Control packages for react.js and can’t use node.js in Sublime text editor. But what do you mean by that? did you follow the steps mention in the training content and got an error? If yes, I would want to see the screenshot of the error.

Can you please send me your mail id
Actually, I am trying to send you the screen shots but I am not able to send it because I have 4 screen shots
And it is having some error message

You can select multiple files as well using the upload feature of the forum. Attaching screenshot of where you can find the upload button. Once you click in it, you get an option to select all the files you want to upload:

I am not able to upload more than two screen shots

@wadkarraju197 I have given access to you to upload multiple files. Would you please try again?

This is the text editor and the files which are visible in it

This is the screen shot that your team has provided

So, I am a bit confused because all the files are not visible

I also can’t use this site

This is the another screen shot your team provided to me

So I think because I can’t use the site localhost:3000 I can’t get the same output

@wadkarraju197 You cannot see any page on localhost:3000 because your development server isn’t running. You need to run it inside your project folder by typing the following command:

npm start

Also, In order to see the files you need to run the following command to set your development environment first(inside the React folder):

npx create-react-app <project_name>

After you run this command, you need to enter the project folder and run the npm start command.

Can you please specify or send me the screen shot, that where I have to write this

Waiting for your reply…

Waiting for your reply…

Hey @wadkarraju197 the commands are supposed to be written in a Command Prompt.
You have to open it using hitting Win + S and write “Command Prompt”.
This is the place you’ll have to write the to create the folder in the command box.

After opening comand prompt I am able to see this
So, what I have to write further here?

That is given in written form
Refer the grey boxes here and write them in the command prompt

Here it’s written type “node -v”
Then “npm -v”
And so on
Read it and follow it

It is just showing that itnis not recognized as an external or internal command

So, is it correct?

Hey @wadkarraju197
Please refer the notes
It’s “node -v”(there’s a space between node and -v)
Same for “npm -v”
Please read the prompts carefully and type