About internship project

hello everyone ,

I have one doubt , I am not able to see hostatic form on chrome for index.html it showing on hostatic website but not on inventrom website could u please tell me why this is happening?

Hi @jadhavab2001,

Can you upload your zip file to google drive and then share the public URL of the zip file with us? Also check this thread Inventrom site form


here’s the link sir

And also one more doubt is why css is not applied when index.html host on https://www.hostatic.com/ ??

HI @jadhavab2001,

  1. Rename the home.html to index.html.
  2. Instead of compressing to rar, compress your project folder to zip then upload it to https://www.hostatic.com/

I have completed the above changes and uploaded it to hostatic.com on this url https://expand-craft.hostatic.com/ and it is working fine.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Thank you so much sir, it solved my problem.