Difference in internship

What is the difference between guaranteed technical internship and student partner internship.?

Hi @ryandcunha2812,

We do not offer a guaranteed technical internship. However, there are 2 types of technical internships we offer:

  1. Assured Internship: This is provided by us at Bolt IoT where you are assigned a task after you complete and clear the final certification exam of the training, post which upon our approval you get the Internship completion certificate. There is no stipend for this.
  2. Technical Internship: This is where Bolt IoT connects you with other organizations in the industry that have openings for internships. You have to go through the interview process and clear it to get employed at that organization. This internship can have a stipend based on the company you have applied for.

The student partner internship is not a technical internship, but a Sales & Marketing internship where you will have to promote the Bolt IoT training and its offering with your colleges/schools. In this, you will receive a stipend based on the sale you get.