Javascript based application " Movie Tracker" - Movies cast details are not displayed as in "card template"

After the front-end design of the “Movie-Tracker” code referenced with :Movie finder code - Web Development Forum (

I was using below API for connecting movie database.
const API_URL = “”;

The searching of movie list HTML page was not rendering the -" movie-card" List.

While searching - Unable to retrieve movie card - details:

What is causing problem on fetching the movie list from the above shared API - Looks like problem with OMDBAPI movie database- PLEASE CONFIRM and share your suggestions to complete this for web-dev learning.

For the below list of movie content stored at the omdbapi websit- I am unable to retrieve the “movie-card” details for below set of mentioned Movie lists.

{“Title”:“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”,“Year”:“2017”,“Rated”:“PG-13”,“Released”:“05 May 2017”,“Runtime”:“136 min”,“Genre”:“Action, Adventure, Comedy”,“Director”:“James Gunn”,“Writer”:“James Gunn, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning”,“Actors”:“Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista”,“Plot”:“The Guardians struggle to keep together as a team while dealing with their personal family issues, notably Star-Lord’s encounter with his father, the ambitious celestial being Ego.”,“Language”:“English”,“Country”:“United States”,“Awards”:“Nominated for 1 Oscar. 15 wins & 60 nominations total”,“Poster”:,“Ratings”:[{“Source”:“Internet Movie Database”,“Value”:“7.6/10”},{“Source”:“Rotten Tomatoes”,“Value”:“85%”},{“Source”:“Metacritic”,“Value”:“67/100”}],“Metascore”:“67”,“imdbRating”:“7.6”,“imdbVotes”:“741,862”,“imdbID”:“tt3896198”,“Type”:“movie”,“DVD”:“10 Jul 2017”,“BoxOffice”:"$389,813,101",“Production”:“N/A”,“Website”:“N/A”,“Response”:“True”}

Hi @guhanece,

Please refer to this link: GitHub - Himanshu87699/Movie_Finder to find out where you are going wrong.

Let me know if you are still facing any issues.