Javascript events issue

onmouseover event is not working for me, as i run the program onclick event function is taking place instead

1.Make sure that the onmouseover attribute is correctly spelled in your HTML code. It should be all lowercase and not have any spaces.

2.Check that there are no JavaScript errors in your code. Open up the browser console and look for any error messages that may be related to your event handlers.

  1. Make sure that your event handler functions are defined correctly. For example, if you have an onmouseover attribute that calls a function called myFunction, make sure that myFunction is defined in your JavaScript code.

  2. Check that your HTML elements are structured correctly. If your onmouseover attribute is not triggering, it’s possible that the element you’re trying to hover over is not positioned correctly or has other elements blocking it.

If none of these solutions work , then share me your code so i can check.