Multiple webpage website

i am currently learning web devlopment,but i have doubt that whether how can i link my multiple pages website.
how webpages are connected together. thanks if you answer.

You can use Hyperlinks -

<a href="">Example Website</a>

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When it comes to linking multiple pages in a website, you have a few options. One common method is to use HTML anchor tags. You can create a navigation menu with links to different pages using the <a> tag and specifying the destination page’s URL in the href attribute. Another approach is to use server-side scripting languages like PHP or JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular, which offer more advanced routing capabilities. These technologies allow you to define routes and map them to specific components or pages within your application. Additionally, using a consistent file structure and organizing your pages into folders can make it easier to manage and link them together.

As your next question is How Webpages Connect together so here I shared My point of view from which you can also get Some more knowledge about this i.e. Web pages connect together through hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are HTML elements that are used to create clickable links between pages. By defining anchor tags (<a> ) and specifying the destination URL in the href attribute, users can navigate from one web page to another with just a click.