Web development training certificate

I have completed the course and gave the test on 5-August-2021 . But didn’t get my certificate and any mail related to internship details till now.
I’m attaching a screenshot of marks and completion

Anjali Verma

Hi @anjaliv.ic.19,
We are working on it. We shall let you know once it is completed. Please give us some time.

Let me know if you need any help.

Okay sure
Thank you for the response

Hi @anjaliv.ic.19,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Due to technical issues, your certificate for Web Development Training was not delivered to you earlier. I have reshared your certificate. You will get your certificate within 2 Hours.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Shobhit Kumawat

No problem .I have received the certificate.
thank you

sir I have completed my test but I have not received my certificate
please solve my problem

Hi @vijay,

As I can see, you have attempted your Web Development Certification exam on 26/12/2021 6:22 PM and scored 15 marks (i.e 30 Percentage) on your 1st attempt. Since the minimum passing criteria for web development training is 20 marks out of 50, you are not eligible for Web Development Training Certificate.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Shobhit Kumawat

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I am eligible in the second attempt but it is not generating my certificate

Hi @vijay,

As mentioned in Instructions for the exam | Bolt IoT, marks are considered only for the 1st attempt by the student. The email will be sent only for the 1st submission using your email ID i.e. it is only sent 1 time. No email is sent if you submit the form 2nd time onwards.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Shobhit Kumawat

sir @shobhit.kumawat, i did not receive my certificate despite getting 72%

Hi @moukthiksusarla ,
Please confirm if you have:
1. Used the registered email id for the test.
2. Checked your spam and promotions folder.

Also, share your registered email id.

Sir i didn’t get my completion certificate
I checked both spam and inbox i didn’t received yet

I used the same mailid for both registration and certification exam
Please kindly look into this and help me out to get my certificate
Thanks in advance

Hi @sphoorthiadusumilli,
Apologies for the delayed response. Is it regarding the exam or internship?

It is regarding exam on web development sir.I have completed my exam 4 days ago but still i didn’t receive my certificate and i got 66% in that exam

I have forwarded this to the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.

@sphoorthiadusumilli You should have received your certificate by now. Please confirm.

hi sir i have completed web development training. when i will get certificate?
my mail ID is vikasdivase07@gmail.com

@vikasdivase07 We have notified our team about this.

Hi, @vikasdivase07 Have you taken the web development training exam? If yes, did you use the same email id: vikasdivase07@gmail.com?